Here are some short pieces that live on the internet. Please contact for longer form writing samples, produced work, or screenplays.



An overworked woman finally gets the unexpected break she needs.

A short story born out of fact and fiction and generalized anxiety disorder.

It's all fun and games until President Oprah makes it a law.

Competitors from both sides fight to the death.


Thoughts on Home

The house was torn down in the wake of Hurricane Michael, but the home is still there.

Dirty John or Decent John: A Golden Rule Learned the Hard Way

Some Johns are just a little dirty. Mine taught me how to see through the blurred lines of love and know when it’s not right.

Big Anxiety on the Big Island

My biggest fear came true and I am ok. Here’s what it taught me about my anxiety while in the most beautiful place in the world.


House of Delta is a half-hour comedy pilot developed by Universal Cable Productions, written and created Megan Stein and co-writer Laura Grey. This sizzle reel was co-written and co-directed by Megan Stein and Laura Grey.

Connecting is a short film written and produced by Megan for Video Mass’s X-fest. It premiered at Williamsburg Cinemas in Brooklyn in 2016.

Old Timers is a short film I wrote for Video Mass’s Flux Fest in 2013. It was co-produced with Carl Conway Maguire.