Having worked in about every aspect of production, from writing to editing to art design to shooting, Megan has a well rounded skill set and list of credits. She has developed a large volume of independent work, and has worked with and created content for groups like UCB Comedy, IFC, PBS, Front and Center, and HelloGiggles. With an over-arching passion for creating and collaborating, Megan has a special interest in making content for and by women.

Megan has produced weekly tutorial parody videos with the all female UCB Comedy sketch team, LASH, since April 2014.  How to Totally Transform Your Face with Contouring, is directed and edited by Megan.

Below is another LASH video edited and sound recorded by Megan. To check out all of Megan's work with Lash, visit the entire playlist.

The LASH video below, directed by Megan, was made in honor of Women's History Month about the first African American Academy Award winner, Hattie McDaniel. She feels that this video is important and timely and it is one of her favorites. She is writing this in third person.

Megan served as First Assistant Director for branded content videos for the IFC Comedy Crib series, How Shit Works.  Watch the first episode of the series.

Megan served as Director de Cuisine for two episodes of the comedic food series, Eat Our Feelings.  Watch one of Megan's episodes of this Vimeo Staff Pick series.

Megan has produced several short films with her production group PrashNYC. Among them is Old Timers, written and produced by Megan. The film has been screened as an official selection of the Greenpoint Film Festival, Williamsburg Film Festival, and Sidewalk Film Festival.

Megan is a member and has worked administratively with the Brooklyn filmmakers collective Video Mass since 2012.  She has worked to organize several themed film festivals with the collective to generate original work from the artists. Below is a trailer Megan edited for Flux Fest, a time travel themed collection of films that screened in July 2013.

Most recently with Video Mass, Megan was one of four organizers of Love Fest 2, generating new films from up and coming New York filmmakers, including one produced and co-written by Megan.

Megan's work with sketch partner Kelsey McLaughlin was selected as video content for the women's website HelloGiggles.  Below is the short film Takeout, written and edited by Megan.

Below is another sketch by Megan and Kelsey comedy for HelloGiggles, written and produced by Megan.

Megan produced, directed, and co-edited the web series, Posers, written by Megan Gonzalez and Cait Doyle. Watch the trailer for the eight episode series below.

Watch Megan's 2015 Editing Reel below!