Photo by Lilian Mehrel

Photo by Lilian Mehrel

I’m Megan and I’ve made the bold choice to write a bio in the first person. I also once put on red lipstick while walking down 14th street with no mirror. I’ll pause for your recognition of my bravery. I am a southern transplant in New York City, and I have an intense love of Dolly Parton and touristy beach towns.

My background in creating independent films has left me with a general passion about and aptitude for storytelling. A great group of old and new filmmaker friends started making stuff together in Brooklyn, and we grew it into a film collective called Video Mass. Since 2012, we’ve created and commissioned lot of new and weird work from up-and-coming filmmakers and developed a beloved series of themed film festivals. And out of this work, I grew some pretty great skills in screenwriting, directing, producing, and video editing.

Video editing for me is an approach to storytelling in which your brain has to figure out the way the pieces fit together. I enjoy it a lot and my brain is really good at it. I’ve been lucky enough to edit content for Vice, Food Network, Munchies, The Creators Project, UCB Comedy, and for clients like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, and Adidas.

Writing has been my love since I was a little kid jotting down stories about time machines and elves that lived in the marsh behind my house. As a grown-up, I’ve gotten to write independent films and sketch comedy for UCB Comedy and HelloGiggles. In collaboration with my brilliant writing partner, Laura Grey, I wrote the comedy TV pilot House of Delta, which was developed by Universal Cable Productions.


the important things

Be The Match is an organization that helps register donors to the National Bone Marrow Donor registry, in order to match patients with blood cancers with the people that could save their lives. My older brother suffered from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and was saved by a transplant. It is ridiculously easy to register, and you may never be called to be a donor, but merely existing on the registry could give someone else’s big brother the shot he needs.

Much of my hometown was destroyed in October 2018 by Hurricane Michael. The panhandle of Florida is still in need and has been largely forgotten by our government. The United Way of Northwest Florida is doing great work for people in the area, and you can help them to help more people by clicking below.